When used effectively, contractual agreements limiting competition and certain solicitations are useful tools to protect trade secrets, customer relationships and goodwill.  We represent companies seeking to enforce such reasonable provisions, including by sending reminder letters and cease & desist letters, commencing litigation, and seeking preliminary and permanent injunctions.  We also represent individuals seeking to defend themselves against unreasonable noncompetition and nonsolicitation provisions.  Similarly, we counsel companies seeking to hire individuals who are bound by restrictive covenants in contracts with third parties, including how to handle candidates who entered into unreasonable and unenforceable agreements.  We regularly handle litigation related to noncompetes and nonsolicitation provisions, in both state and federal court, and serve as advocates for our clients whether they are plaintiffs, defendants, or relevant third parties.  This area is constantly evolving, state-by-state and at the federal level, and is best left to a firm, such as ours, that focuses on these issues. This practice area often coincides with our trade secrets  and computer crimes practices.

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